All together in London!



The whole family is now together again in London … after nearly a year.  It is sooooo lovely to have them all here.

John and I arrived on Friday so we got to have quality time with Matilda on her own.  Then Daisy and Joe arrived early Monday morning and John and I got to spend the day with them which was great.  We walked into Vogue and had lunch with Matilda.  Then they had a sleep, John had a rest and I did some shopping and looked at the beautiful lights in Regent Street.

Daisy and Joe met up with a friend and then John and I had dinner with them.

Jack and Sarah arrived early this morning and Matilda had the day off so we all went for a huge walk past Green Park, Buckingham Palace … had a family photo taken for Grandma.  Then into Trafalgar Square for a pub lunch.  John headed home and the rest of us wondered around and ended up at the British Museum where Hooz and Jacko Makim were supposed to meet us for ice-skating.  Unfortunately they were too busy at work and we all ended up too exhausted to do it.  There was a bit of fear that we might break a bone and ruin the rest of the holiday!  So we managed to sell the tickets to people walking in.

Jack and Sarah were exhausted so caught a cab home and the rest of us walked via the supermarket to top up.  We all split up tonight as we are all pretty shattered.  We must have walked for at least 3 – 4 hours.  It was actually great because the seven of us kept swapping walking partners so we got to catch up on everyone’s news.  It was a really lovely day … and London turned on the weather for us with brilliant blue skis.







  1. Thank you so much for the lovely photos I don’t the lights look beautiful I went to see the specialist yesterday and he ants me to go into the mater today And he is going to do some more x Rays etc so will be in for a few days I am s lucky Isabella has bee staying with me and when she has to work Eliza comes in So I am glad to be going to hospital it will give them a rest I feel ok it’s just my hip is so sore Very hot here bit I am in the aircon so don’t notice it hat much Sam and Johnathan were in Las night Jono getting excited about his trip I havnt any more news love to all joy mum grandma

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  2. Finally caught up on all your blogs Great to hear you loved Ireland. How nice to have all the family together. Give them all our love. Went in to the Mater this morning to visit Joy. She looked amazingly good and they seemed to be getting the pain under control. It was lovely to catch up with her, Donna, Lach and Denise. Hope your family Christmas is lovely. Will email soon. Much love and best wishes. Miss you. xxxxxx Fi

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