Assissi and Numana


We wandered around the lake town … still can’t remember the name of the lake … and had coffee and watched these men harvesting their catch.

We headed north in the general direction of the Adriatic coast of Italy so that Till could have some beach time.  On the way we decided to call into Assissi … as in Francis of Assissi, which is another lovely hilltop town, although fairly touristy.  John didn’t think that he would get a park so he dropped us off and organised to meet us back at the dropoff after a phone call.  However, he managed to find a park and met us at the cathedral.

There were lots of tourists … especially Americans.  The frescos int he main church were beautiful … but to be honest I have seen so many beautiful churches in europe that they all tend to blend in.  We had ice-cream in the town, grabbed internet in the tourist office and I was lucky enough to find a book in English!!!!! about a 350 km walk … The Way of Saint Francis … which might be on the cards for next year.


We spotted this rather spoilt dog on our trek back to the van.  Then of interest to Terry Stone … this pharmacy vending machine in the car park.

image image image image


When we left Assissi the sat nav did a complete “job” on us and sent us up into the mountains on a very narrow dodgy road for over an hour.  At one stage I said to John “What is that noise”, he said “the road is so bad that the van is only touching the road with three wheels, the noise is when the fourth tyre hits the road again.”  Great!

Late that afternoon we arrived at Numana which is about 30 km south of Ancona on the Italian Adriatic Coast.  As you can see every square inch is covered in deckchairs and is therefore a very busy area.  We parked the van in a restaurant car park and said we wold like to have dinner there and can we stay the night.  No worries.  So we had dinner, slept there the night and woke up right on the beach the next morning. Love it!!!!

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