Les Terrasse de Lautrec

I have decided to jump to the present.  I am staying in a delightful Chambre d’Hotes de Charme in Lautrec called La Terrasse de Lautrec.

When we started the walk I knew that MR and Bruce had to go to a party up near La Rochelle on 24 May.  As you know it has been one day at a time so it has been hard to make any set plans.  MR and Bruce very kindly offered to take me to the party with them and John was keen for me to drive to Italy with him and then fly back.  In the end I decided to just book into a hotel for a week and try and recover from the debilitating sinus infection.  MR found this lovely hotel mentioned in a boxed section in the Lonely Planet, so I contacted them and booked three nights … not quite sure what it would be like.  As it turns out it is divine and I am staying the whole week.

The hosts Dominique and Philippe are delightful and so far have organised art lessons for me, a trip to see a lovely doctor and a massage and body tidying treatments for Saturday.

The art lessons with Patricia have been great and yesterday afternoon I caught a lift with her to a bigger town called Albi for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon so that I could have a look around.  It was enough to make me realise that I am still exhausted and that I will just lie very low for the rest of the week and spend the time in the beautiful garden at the back of the hotel … which also overlooks lovely cultivated fields. Patricia charges me 10 euro per hour for lessons … amazing … especially seeing as she has to deal with a useless, artless philistine! 

The doctor was great as he suffers from sinus as well and was very sympathetic and kind.  He made me feel that it was OK to feel this exhausted.  I guess lack of oxygen does that to you.

I have been lucky enough to meet some Aussies and Canadians at meal times in restaurants in the lovely small medieval town, and that has kept me amused.  I will go exploring more tomorrow and take lots of photos.

Oh … I forgot to mention Tuesday and Wednesday it was blowing 115 km per hour … it was hooting!  It is quite amazing that this beautiful garden survived it.  I swear that the roses in France are weeds … they are huge, smell beautiful and grow in a teaspoon of soil!





  1. Good to hear from you glad you are having a rest and hope your sinusitis are getting better I am hoping to start driving again soon I hate having to ask people to drive me My legs are coming good slowly the girls are good Jan Robyn and my golf girls so I have plenty Of company ,state of origin we’d rob and noël are coming up to watch sorry I haven’t got much News but I do enjoy getting you e mails love joy it was good to hear from john too

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  2. Hi Lyn. Hope you’re feeling better. Sinusitis is so debilitating! I’m enjoying reading your news and love the photos. It sure is an amazing ‘walk’! I’d love to give it a go but don’t think my feet or knees could cope. Beautiful weather here. Mid 20s which is amazing for almost winter. Water temp still 22! xx

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