Signes – Chateau de Concerilles

We headed further south along the coast. We were really just pottering. Decided to go for another walk. Once again it was really blowing so decided to take the inland path.

Get a load of where we ended up … this huge sand dune in the middle of nowhere. It is actually way steeper than it looks. It nearly killed me. We had now idea where we were going … just kept taking paths upwards, had a look at the view and then headed down through other paths. We were both laughing because we are never organised, never know where we are going, never have any water or food with us. Useless! We survived of course.






That night we decided to try a Passion France stop. It was our first official one. There are thousands of them through France. Private property owners … usually vineyards, restaurants, farmers etc etc. You have to pay about $30 per year to join and you receive a windscreen sticker and a book with the details of all of the places.

The book tells you what type of Passion it is eg vineyard, the names of the owners, co-ordinates of how to get there, how many motorhomes can stay there, what facilities they have. Eg shade. They don’t provide facilities eg water, they just provide a safe place to stay for the night. You have to get there by the designated time eg before 7 pm and introduce yourself to the owners. You aren’t obliged to buy anything.

This particular one was a vineyard and it was beautiful. We introduced ourselves and bought two bottles of rose and a jar of lavender honey.

For some unknown reason John decided we would have a serious drink that night. Well we did! It was a great sunset. Still very windy, but we were in a beautiful spot. The dog adopted me. They have ticks in this area … I sorted her out … pulled out a few.

The next morning we just had to say goodbye. We took the two empty bottles back … a bit embarrassing and bought another bottle.

All in all a great experience and one we wish to repeat again and again.


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