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How gorgeous are these floral displays in Harrods! I always say I won’t go back there because it feels like Ikea to me … I can never find out how to get out of the damn place. However, the food hall and the flower displays are worth the visit. We bought a grand total of two cakes!

Another great place I ventured to with Matilda was Daunt Books in Old Marylebone Road … I think! I really should keep a written diary! Anyway, three floors of travel books. For me it is like a kid in a candy store who is sugar intolerant. I just can’t buy anymore books. I have way too many in the van now! Still a pleasure looking though. Book shops just make me feel calm.


John had never been to Borough Markets so we headed there. It was a Tuesday so it was very quiet with only about an eighth of the stalls open. He got the general idea though.

As I said, we had great weather and after Borough Markets we wondered down to the Thames and found this bubble artist. He was very impressive and kept the child in me amused for quite a while.



Next stop was the Tate Modern as once again John hadn’t been there. Not my favourite art gallery. Usually it is way to weird for me, however I did manage to fine this lovely Kaminsky and some other visually pleasing pieces. What really suprised me was that John loved it.

When we left the Tate we came across a West Indian duet busking outside. This crazy Japanese guy went up to them and took their guitar and started playing and singing … it got better the further away we got! Ha!



John being a tourist, a group photo with Jana and Esteban … a lovely couple we had a great meal with in Islington. We met them at Sasa and Seb’s wedding and had an instant rapport. They were living in Mexico at the time as Esteban is Mexican, however they moved to London a couple of years ago to study and are now working there and have just moved into the new house that they have bought. They chose a very stylish pub in Islington for dinner and it was great catching up with them.

Last photo … London looking great!

We left London last Friday and have been organising the van ever since. More in the next blog.

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  1. Haven’t heard from you for a little while so hope all is well Lovely pics from Harrods just got a message to say connection to server Is not going so I will see Jo and see if I need to do something Will e mail when I find out joy

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