Well our bags are packed, we’re ready to go … who wrote that song?

Friday we headed back into the centre of London … Regent Street and surrounds is just gorgeous. We caught the bus all of the way in, so lots to look at on the way, top deck, up the front on a big red bus!

We met up with another 505 sailing friend. Christian is a lovely fellow. I haven’t spent much time with him, but would like to spend more. We had a coffee and cake, talked investments and sailing and then he headed back to work.

We went to the National Portrait Gallery, which is behind the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square. In the Square there was a Malaysian themed festival, so we had a couple of great Malaysian dishes, then headed into the Gallery.

I think that portrait galleries are probably my favourite. The painting below gets five stars from me and is my painting of the year. It is acrylic on linen and I loved it!



Isn’t it amazing! You walk in the room and think why have they got a giant photo in here, but it isn’t it is a painting!

Friday night we had a quiet night at home. My cold keeps getting a little worse … but it is only a cold … I am just a bit tired.

Saturday we caught the bus to Sloane Square and caught up with Claudia, one of Matilda’s very good friends. Claudie, Matilda and I travelled in Turkey together years ago. She is a gorgeous girl and we had a great catch up. She has been transferred to England with her engineering firm for two years and she is loving it.

We went to a great restaurant at Sloane Square called The Botanist. After a great lunch we wandered up Kings Road Chelsea and had a coffee before saying goodbye to Claud. We caught the bus back, dumped our gear and then went for a walk in Battersea Park, which was right next door and took the top photo as the sun was setting on the Thames.

We had a quiet night Saturday night … John did a fry up … the beautify of getting an apartment rather than a hotel.

Sunday morning we were up early and headed to Shepherds Bush Walkabout Club for the Rugby League Grand Final which was being played in Australia. An important event for John.

We both walked in and went “Oh my god, this is revolting” but hung around and watched the game. It was actually a good game. John was going for Easts … I was actually going for Manly, but was happy for Michael and Greenie that Easts won.

After the game we headed over to Putney East to meet up with Patricia Camera and her lovely daughter Kate. Kate and some freinds were staging an art exhibition. Amongst other things Kate has written and published a fabulous childrens book, so we ordered some from her for Christmas presents. It was lovely to see Patricia again. She is such a lovely lady and has been so helpful to us. We can thank her for my British Citizenship!

We had a coffee and cake (that seems to be happening way too often) and a chat with Patricia and then said goodbye until next time we meet, which I hope will be very soon.

We starting walking in the direction of home and ended up at the Queen Adelaide pub where we had met Dan on Thursday night. It was a stunningly beautiful day weatherwise, so we sat in the beer garden and had an English roast. They win! They have the best roasts in the world and you know how we love a roast.



Doesn’t this pub look great! I have to say that pubs have come a long way since I lived in London.

We whiled away an hour or so playing Fit Brain and not talking to each other … that happens when you are with each other 24/7 and usually live in a box!

Dan and his lovely new lady, Annie came to meet up for a drink. She is lots of fun and I am thrilled that Dan has found a lovely lady.


We are currently sitting in the American Airlines Lounge awaiting our flight home.

To all of my lovely friends who follow my ravings and look at my photos … thank you. A special thank you to those of you who comment as well. It is just nice knowing people are out there!

So … this is it for this year’s travels! Adios! (I’m sure we will visit Spain next year!)


  1. Lovely to see you both & thank you for the yummy cake & coffee.It was so great you were able to come to Kate’s exhibition & we are so glad you liked her book.Adios Amigos until next time,we will miss your travel blog & will miss you,you are so much admired for your adventurous spirit.Love from us all here.xxx

  2. It has been a pleasure to follow you around Europe and while a bit jealous it is the next best thing, seeing it through your eyes. Look forward to catching up with you when we are both back home. X

  3. Thanks Lyn, I have thoroughly enjoyed your travels ( and John’s ). Looking forward to catching up in the not too distant future. Safe trip home.

  4. I put a comment when you were still sitting in AA lounge…for some unknown reason it was not posted…however…I wanted to say that the song you had in mind is John Denver…Leaving on a jet plane…and I always listen to this song when Sebb goes away…I felt pretty much the same that day…
    Looking forward to your posts…and I am waiting for you…Spain is not far away from Slovenia and it is a MUST in your travel plan to visit us again next year;)
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos with us….
    Love you

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