Lake Villerest

After we left Chamonix we headed to this beautiful lake that John had picked by scanning the aire’s book. The aire was pretty full but we managed to jag a spot closest to the lake next to a lovely English couple … Fred and Gwen. Fred had turned seventy the day before and was in great shape. I am interested to stay in touch and pick his brain, as they have taken their van into Morocco.

We headed down to the water and I was pleasantly surprised by how warm it was. Way warmer than Croatia.

We both jumped in and had a lovely swim. Then walked around the lake a bit before cooking dinner.

The next morning we went for another walk across the dam wall.


Followed by another swim before we headed off. Once again I shoved some shampoo on my head, scrubbed my hair and then swam out. Beautiful!


This is our kind of camping!

Then it was time to head to the farm, another 5 hours drive.

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