Rosignano, Tuscany, Italy

This is the view from the van. We are parked in a car park right on the water in Rosignano, Tuscany, Italy where the Etchell Italian Championships are currently being held. Next weekend the worlds are on.

We rocked up here on Friday night after a solid drive through mountainous terrain. Stick to the highways and everything is fine!

I have Tom Tom on my ipad, which makes life pretty easy when you are trying to figure out where to find things … Like marinas! We lucked in to a great park, ran straight into some west Australian Etchell guys that John knew and we went out for a late dinner with them. The next morning John went to the yacht club and jagged a ride on a coach boat … Some New Zealanders have a Swedish coach and he was keen for someone else to go out with Him. John was happy to oblige.

I have a bit of a cold, so spent most of the day reading and sleeping. Last night we went and had a drink with Dave and Jill, Aussies who keep a yacht in the med. John met them in Sydney when he was doing his survival at sea course. Dave is competing in the regatta.

Today John is off again and I am going walking along the sea front.

During the week we will head In to the Tuscan countryside. Then the worlds are on from next weekend (I think)’ so we will be back here. The weather is sunny, but it is still quite cool … A whole lot better than rain though.

We now have Italian sims for our iPads … Internet on tap … So feel free to email and tell me what you have been up to.

If anyone has read a good book lately … Do let me know. I just finisned dan brown’s Inferno ….didn’t love it.


  1. Hi lyn and john, ido you have a land addrss anywhere to get mail? I have some TV series and movies on a USB to send you. Your travels sound awesome, wish we were there. cold and rainy here. Brett is looking at new boat… A contender ……… Could be joining you at regattas, you never know. Still dreaming about that beautiful azure sea in Barbados as I look at grey Melbourne winter…..sorry for you that Camino didnt work out toonwell, but there is always next time 😊

    • Jane … Great to hear from you. Sorry the weather is dull in Melbourne. It has finally come good here and just enjoyed a two hour walk along the coast. The Italians … All shapes and sizes in bikinis! Out lapping up the sun.

      You are a champ re the USB … The hard drive we brought over doesn’t ‘ work …obviously the wrong file format but the ones you gave us last year were great. I will send you Daisy’s address via email. We have friends meeting us in Paris on 22 June … They can bring it over. How exciting!
      Lyn x

  2. I love hearing about your adventures.Re good books ‘Mao’s last dancer ‘was brilliant(Lee Cuxin).Also ‘Capital ‘by John Lancester.
    We have Digby & Bernadette staying at the moment & the weather is perfect!. x

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